Meet Dr. Zanovia

Dr. Zanovia is passionate about healing, mental health wellness, self-preservation, healthy self-care practices, and trauma education.

Dr. Zanovia is a Board-Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor, & Trauma Specialist. She earned a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and an MA in Clinical Mental Health.

She established Z2 Legacy PLLC with hopes to provide support to healthcare organizations, secondary and post-secondary institutions, and corporations.

Z2 Legacy PLLC strives to support, sustain, and prioritize the wellbeing of clinicians, educators, and administrators by providing ongoing support and direction related to mental health wellness, continuing education, and policy development and implementation.

Dr. Zanovia is an advocate for healing, self-care, self-preservation, and trauma education. She is a mother, educator, clinician and what we like to call "The Counselor's, Counselor." She has dedicated a large part of my life and education focused on helping her community and other fellow counselors.

Her background in mental health counseling and her personal journey of healing inspired her to start her own business to serve her community, primarily teen girls, women, mothers, and counselors.

​Dr. Zanovia's primary focus is to provide resources and training to counselors, help women and teen girls grow personally and professionally, and provide support for healthcare organizations.